Game Of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour

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  • Picture of Gundulic Square in DUbrovnik, one of the places the tour visits
  • Picture of red rooftops of Old Town Dubrovnik
  • GOT & Dubrovnik Walking Tours

Are you a huge Game of Thrones fan, but don’t want to miss out on learning about the unique history of Dubrovnik? Well, we have the right tour for you as our Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour combines the best of both worlds. On this guided walking tour you will revisit the most notable locations used for sets to film the streets of King’s Landing but also learn about the centuries of interesting history that made the Dubrovnik Republic one of the most significant places in the known world at the time.

It’s no wonder GOT showrunners picked Dubrovnik as the setting of King’s Landing, not only does it have stunning natural and historical locations, but the real-life history of the city can often compete with King’s Landing for political intrigue and strange stories. You will find that our guides are exceptionally versed in both historical facts and fantasy and will bring the real and imagined worlds to life.

Perhaps you would be interested in just a tour of Game of Thrones filming locations.


1.5 hours


April 1 – October 31

Daily at 12:30 

Jun 1 – August 31

 Daily at 18:00


150kn HRK